Aequitas Guitar Chords



Rapping outta the Philly area since '09, Æquitas comes with a raw hard body rap style akin to Philly legends Jedi Mind Tricks and Army of the Pharaohs. Although violent, the majority of his music has a moral undertone promoting free thinking as well as exploiting the moral choices people are faced with in life and the repercussions faced when choosing certain paths. Stay posted on future projects and hope you all enjoy the music!

Guitar Chords:

Acta Song
A Leap Into The Dark
Applewar Outro
Geek Anthem
Geek Anthem (ver. 2)
Generation Procrastination
Hes A Pirate
Immersion (ver. 2)
In My Mind
Loituma Mal Anders
Magenliebe (ver. 2)
Ode To Jam 2
Realize The Real Lies
Tribute To Clo