Adrian Borland - Winning Acoustic Guitar Chords

I don't know exactly how to call the chords, so I just give you the fingering positions.
Basicly 4 different Dm-based finger positions. 
The note between brackets () can be played additionaly and/or alternated while 
fingerpicking the different strings. 
Please listen to the acoustic version on youtube (

Chord 1: 55775x    (or: x00231)
Chord 2: 1x323(0~1)
Chord 3: 6x77(5~6)0  (you may play basenote with middle finger, use index to slide from 5~6 on B-string)
Chord 4: x5775x
Chord 5: 113311
Chord 6: 557755

Chord1                        Chord2
       What holds your hope together

Chord3                         Chord4
       Make sure it's strong enough

Chord1                                Chord2
       When you reach the end of your tether

Chord3                                Chord4
       It's because it wasn't strong enough

Chord1             Chord2
       I was gonna drown

Chord3                     Chord4
       And then I started swimming

Chord1             Chord2             Chord4
       I was going do-own (down-down-down)

Then I started winning

        Chord5           Chord6
Winning          winning

        Chord5    CHORD6
Winning                   WINNING!

Cause when you're on the bottom
You gotta crawl back to the top
Something pulls you up
A voice says you can't stop (it won't let you stop)
And I was gonna drown
And then I started... swimming
I was going do-own, down (right down-down)
Then I started... winning
Winning - winning 

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