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Adobe House is a music collective of singers, emcees and producers based in South Los Angeles, California. Founded in Tucson, Arizona, the individual artists of the collective decided to combine their talents into one single entity, creating an amalgamation of distinct genres and perspectives.
The group itself is a subsidiary of Adobe House Records, a self-sustaining team of in-house producers, engineers, graphic artists, event coordinators and musicians seeking to combine their efforts into an artistic expression that champions individuality, inclusivity and collaboration. Musically, Adobe House embodies this ideology with each of its core members hailing from different sonic and geographical backgrounds.
Members Collar John and FanningSystems hail from Southern California, bringing to the table lush soundscapes and technical lyricism that is undeniably in debt to turn of the century underground hip-hop. Danish, straight out of Pakistan, offers production and rapping stylistically rooted in international iterations of rap. Danish hooked up with Phoenix-based emcee Dan Louis who brought in his unparalleled style and underground Arizona steeze to the group. Soon after, ELIAS stumbled upon Adobe House with Forever Endeavor. The powerhouse RnB/Pop singer-songwriter cemented the group with his charismatic persona, as captivating as his heartfelt melodies.
Relocating its operations to LA in 2018, Adobe has collaborated with acts such as the Sean Lee Quartet and Davon Lavor.

Guitar Chords:

Cuando Quiera Y Cuando Quieras
Saliendo Del Bar
Sexo, Drogas Y Rock And Roll
Y Yo Solito Me Lio