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When the U.K. press began dubbing Adele "the next Amy Winehouse" in late 2007, the hype didn't touch upon the singer/songwriter influence found in the Londoner's music. Influenced by Roberta Flack and Suzanne Vega as much as Jill Scott, Adele soon became a phenomenon in her own right; her second album, 21, eventually sold an estimated 30 million copies worldwide, making her one of the few sales successes in an age of digital streaming.

Adele first made an impression in 2006 when her demo landed her a deal with XL Recordings. She toured as an opening act for Jack Penate, and graduated to headlining status by the end of 2007, thanks to BBC Radio 1 playing her single "Daydreamer"; another song, "Hometown Glory," was also released as a single on Jamie T.'s label, Pacemaker. An appearance alongside Paul McCartney and Björk on the BBC 2 television show Later with Jools Holland came next, and a recording contract with XL Recordings was finalized soon after. Early 2008 brought similar luck as Adele found herself atop the BBC's new music talent list, which was compiled from the votes of 150 music critics. That same January, XL issued a new single, "Chasing Pavements," along with her debut album, 19. The title reflected Adele's age at the time of the album's release, and its popularity resulted in the release of several bonus editions throughout the year. Also in 2009, Adele won Grammy Awards for Best New Artist and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance.

Her sophomore album, 21, featuring the gospel and disco-infused single "Rolling in the Deep," was released in February of 2011. The album proved to be both a critical and commercial success, becoming one of the longest-running number one albums in history and spending over 18 weeks at the top spot. The glow of 21's success was dimmed somewhat when Adele was forced to cancel her tour after suffering a hemorrhage on her vocal cords. She underwent surgery for the hemorrhage in November of 2011. That same month, she released the concert CD/DVD Live at the Royal Albert Hall. Both Adele and 21 received many end-of-year honors, and in February 2012, as album sales began to creep closer to ten million copies, she won six major Grammy Awards, one of the few artists in history to accomplish the feat in one night.

In October 2012, Adele announced that she had recorded the theme to the 23rd James Bond film Skyfall. Produced by Paul Epworth and recorded at the prestigious Abbey Road Studios, the single entered the Top Ten of both the U.K. singles chart and the Billboard Hot 100 upon its release. By early 2013, 21 had registered sales of over 25 million copies. Although she promised she was in the early stages of creating her third album, 2013 and 2014 came and went without fresh material.

In the summer of 2015, reports of an imminent third album started to surface and, in October, the rumors were confirmed by Adele and her label. The album's first single, "Hello," debuted at number one in both the U.K. and U.S., becoming the first song to sell over a million downloads in its first week of release. 25 debuted worldwide in late November 2015. It broke the single-week U.S. sales record previously held by *NSYNC's No Strings Attached. 25 went on to top the Billboard 200 for ten weeks and took home awards for Album, Song, and Record of the Year, as well as Best Pop Solo Performance and Pop Vocal, at the Grammy Awards in 2017. ~ David Jeffries, Rovi
Genres: pop

Guitar Chords:

All I Ask
All I Ask (ver. 2)
All I Ask (ver. 3)
All I Ask (ver. 4)
All I Ask (ver. 5)
Best For Last
Best For Last (ver. 2)
Cant Let Go
Cant Let Go (ver. 2)
Cant Let Go (ver. 3)
Chasing Pavements
Chasing Pavements (ver. 2)
Chasing Pavements (ver. 3)
Chasing Pavements (ver. 4)
Chasing Pavements (ver. 5)
Chasing Pavements (ver. 6)
Chasing Pavements (ver. 7)
Chasing Pavements (ver. 8)
Chasing Pavements (ver. 9)
Chasing Pavements (ver. 10)
Chasing Pavements (ver. 11)
Chasing Pavements (ver. 12)
Chasing Pavements (ver. 13)
Chasing Pavements (ver. 14)
Cold Shoulder
Cold Shoulder (ver. 2)
Cold Shoulder (ver. 3)
Crazy For You
Crazy For You (ver. 2)
Daydreamer (ver. 2)
Daydreamer (ver. 3)
Daydreamer (ver. 4)
Dont You Remember
Dont You Remember (ver. 2)
Dont You Remember (ver. 3)
Dont You Remember (ver. 4)
Dont You Remember (ver. 5)
Dont You Remember (ver. 6)
Dont You Remember (ver. 7)
Dont You Remember (ver. 8)
Fast Love
First Love
Hello (ver. 2)
Hello (ver. 3)
He Wont Go
He Wont Go (ver. 2)
Hiding My Heart
Hiding My Heart (ver. 2)
Hiding My Heart (ver. 3)
Hiding My Heart (ver. 4)
Hiding My Heart (ver. 5)
Hiding My Heart (ver. 6)
Hiding My Heart (ver. 7)
Hometown Glory
Hometown Glory (ver. 2)
Hometown Glory (ver. 3)
Hometown Glory (ver. 4)
Hometown Glory (ver. 5)
Hometown Glory (ver. 6)
Hometown Glory (ver. 7)
If It Hadnt Been For Love
I Found A Boy
I Found A Boy (ver. 2)
Ill Be Waiting
Ill Be Waiting (ver. 2)
Ill Be Waiting (ver. 3)
I Miss You
I Miss You (ver. 2)
Lay Me Down
Lay Me Down (ver. 2)
Love In The Dark
Lovesong (ver. 2)
Lovesong (ver. 3)
Lovesong (ver. 4)
Lovesong (ver. 5)
Lovesong (ver. 6)
Make You Feel My Love
Make You Feel My Love (ver. 2)
Make You Feel My Love (ver. 3)
Make You Feel My Love (ver. 4)
Make You Feel My Love (ver. 5)
Make You Feel My Love (ver. 6)
Make You Feel My Love (ver. 7)
Make You Feel My Love (ver. 8)
Make You Feel My Love (ver. 9)
Make You Feel My Love (ver. 10)
Make You Feel My Love (ver. 11)
Make You Feel My Love (ver. 12)
Make You Feel My Love (ver. 13)
Make You Feel My Love (ver. 14)
Many Shades Of Black
Melt My Heart To Stone
Melt My Heart To Stone (ver. 2)
Million Years Ago
Million Years Ago (ver. 2)
Million Years Ago (ver. 3)
Million Years Ago (ver. 4)
Million Years Ago (ver. 5)
Million Years Ago (ver. 6)
My Same
My Same (ver. 2)
My Same (ver. 3)
My Same (ver. 4)
Never Gonna Leave You
Not Drunk Enough
Now And Then
Now And Then (ver. 2)
One And Only
One And Only (ver. 2)
One And Only (ver. 3)
One And Only (ver. 4)
Remedy (ver. 2)
Remedy (ver. 3)
Right As Rain
Right As Rain (ver. 2)
Right As Rain (ver. 3)
Right As Rain (ver. 4)
Right As Rain (ver. 5)
Right As Rain (ver. 6)
River Lea
Rolling In The Deep
Rolling In The Deep (ver. 2)
Rolling In The Deep (ver. 3)
Rolling In The Deep (ver. 4)
Rolling In The Deep (ver. 5)
Rolling In The Deep (ver. 6)
Rolling In The Deep (ver. 7)
Rolling In The Deep (ver. 8)
Rolling In The Deep (ver. 9)
Rolling In The Deep (ver. 10)
Rumour Has It
Rumour Has It (ver. 2)
Rumour Has It (ver. 3)
Send My Love To Your New Lover
Send My Love To Your New Lover (ver. 2)
Send My Love To Your New Lover (ver. 3)
Send My Love To Your New Lover (ver. 4)
Set Fire To The Rain
Set Fire To The Rain (ver. 2)
Set Fire To The Rain (ver. 3)
Set Fire To The Rain (ver. 4)
Set Fire To The Rain (ver. 5)
Set Fire To The Rain (ver. 6)
Set Fire To The Rain (ver. 7)
Set Fire To The Rain (ver. 8)
Set Fire To The Rain (ver. 9)
Set Fire To The Rain (ver. 10)
Set Fire To The Rain (ver. 11)
Set Fire To The Rain (ver. 12)
Set Fire To The Rain (ver. 13)
Set Fire To The Rain (ver. 14)
Set Fire To The Rain (ver. 15)
Skyfall (ver. 2)
Skyfall (ver. 3)
Skyfall (ver. 4)
Skyfall (ver. 5)
Skyfall (ver. 6)
Skyfall (ver. 7)
Skyfall (ver. 8)
Skyfall (ver. 9)
Someone Like You
Someone Like You (ver. 2)
Someone Like You (ver. 3)
Someone Like You (ver. 4)
Someone Like You (ver. 5)
Someone Like You (ver. 6)
Someone Like You (ver. 7)
Sweetest Devotion
Take It All
Thats It I Quit Im Movin On
Thats It I Quit Im Movin On (ver. 2)
Tired (ver. 2)
To Make You Feel My Love
To Make You Feel My Love (ver. 2)
To Make You Feel My Love (ver. 3)
Turning Tables
Turning Tables (ver. 2)
Turning Tables (ver. 3)
Turning Tables (ver. 4)
Turning Tables (ver. 5)
Water Under The Bridge
Water Under The Bridge (ver. 2)
Water Under The Bridge (ver. 3)
When We Were Young
When We Were Young (ver. 2)
When We Were Young (ver. 3)
When We Were Young (ver. 4)
When We Were Young (ver. 5)
When We Were Young (ver. 6)
When We Were Young (ver. 7)
Why Do You Love Me
Why Do You Love Me (ver. 2)
Youll Never See Me Again
Youll Never See Me Again (ver. 2)