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Adam Randall


I am a songwriter from Clearwater Florida, married (22 years) with 4 sons, ages 20, 17, 15 and 11. I have lived and worked in Clearwater Florida since the age of 3 when my parents relocated to the area from southern Ohio in 1977. My first album release was in 1996. It was a collection of songs I had written in my teen years and recorded at a studio in Tampa with my close friend and bass player Jason. Since then I have recorded four other albums and am close to releasing a sixth studio recording. My songs normally begin as simple folk style songs written using an acoustic guitar as accompaniment. The songs then take on a life of their own as I develop them in a full band environment allowing other musicians to play what they hear in the melodies I have written.
The lyrical content of the songs vary. Sometimes they are stories about fictional characters I create and other times they seem to be about some internal dialogue I am having. I think I use songwriting as way of understanding my interior life and as a way of saying in a public way what I am feeling at the time.

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