Adam Lazzara - Because It Works Guitar Chords

Chords: A, D, F#m, E
So the lyrics arn't right, I just guessed them, after this its just rinse and 
repeat of the verse/chorus. (:

[A]                          [D] 
I'm sorry everything we do is unresolved
[A]                                                              [D]
well i'll hold in my breath, and I'm making good friends with the fall out
[A]                                                     [D]
Till I can sleep it off, the survey said we drew, oh how embarrassing.
Los angles is waking up as I drain this bottle into a cup
Thinking "why try to fight it if I cant seem to help it"

[F#m]             [E]               [D]
Tomorrow i'll be paying double for tonight (all right, all right, all right)
[F#m]            [E]                            [D]
Just because it works honey, that don't make it right.

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