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Adam Green


Singer/songwriter Adam Green is most known for his stint with the Moldy Peaches, but in the new millennium he also did the solo thing. His music is a sophisticated indie folk mix, showcasing an appealing peculiarity similar to the likes of Leonard Cohen. In September 2002, Green marked his solo debut with the release of Garfield, followed by the next year's Friends of Mine, which contained the single "Jessica," about Jessica Simpson. In 2005 and 2006, Green released a pair of dynamic albums, Gemstones and Jacket Full of Danger, respectively. The following year, the singer found himself with a bit more mainstream attention thanks to his duet with fellow-Moldy Peach Kimya Dawson, "Anyone Else But You," featured in the hit film Juno, and in 2008, his fifth solo full-length, Sixes & Sevens, came out. After the release of his 2010 album Minor Love, which was his most accessible work yet, Green took time off from music to devote his full attention to his art career and filmmaking ventures. When he came back to music in 2012, he paired with singer/songwriter Binki Shapiro to write and record an album's worth of duets in the vein of Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood. The finished album, Adam Green & Binki Shapiro, was released in early 2013 by Rounder Records. ~ MacKenzie Wilson
Genres: anti-folk

Guitar Chords:

Apples Im Home
Babys Gonna Die Tonight
Before My Bedtime
Be My Man
Bible Club
Bible Club (ver. 2)
Bible Club (ver. 3)
Birthday Mambo
Boss Inside
Breaking Locks
Breaking Locks (ver. 2)
Broken Joystick
Buddy Bradley
Bungee (ver. 2)
Can You See Me
Cast A Shadow
Castles And Tassels
Castles And Tassels (ver. 2)
Chubby Princess
Cigarette Burns Forever
Cigarette Burns Forever (ver. 2)
Country Road
Crackhouse Blues
Dance With Me
Dance With Me (ver. 2)
Dance With Me (ver. 3)
Do Some Blow With Me
Down On The Street
Drowning Head First
Emily (ver. 2)
Festival Song
Fix My Blues
Friends Of Mine
Friends Of Mine (ver. 2)
Frozen In Time
Give Them A Token
Give Them A Token (ver. 2)
Give Them A Token (ver. 3)
Grandma Shirley And Papa
Hairy Woman
Hairy Women
Hard To Be A Girl
Hard To Be A Girl (ver. 2)
Heart Soul
Her Father And Her
Hes The Brat
Interested In Music
Its A Fine
I Wanna Die
Jessica (ver. 2)
Latest Show On Earth
Losing On A Tuesday
Losing On A Tuesday (ver. 2)
Losing On A Tuesday (ver. 3)
Me From Far Away
Me From Far Away (ver. 2)
Morning After Midnight
Mozzarella Swastikas
Musical Ladders
My Shadow Tags On Behind
Nat King Cole
Never Lift A Finger
No Legs
No Legs (ver. 2)
Party Line
Pay The Tole
Phoning In The Blues
Rich Kids
Secret Tongue
Stadium Soul
Stadium Soul (ver. 2)
The Princes Bed
The Princes Bed (ver. 2)
Time Chair
Tropical Island
Tropical Island (ver. 2)
Watching Old Movies
Were Not Supossed To Be Lovers
Were Not Supossed To Be Lovers (ver. 2)
Were Not Supossed To Be Lovers (ver. 3)
Were Not Supposed To Be Lovers
What Makes Him Act So Bad
Whos Your Boyfriend