Adam Carroll Guitar Chords

Adam Carroll


Adam Carroll’s musical biography is as winding as the stories in his songs, full of far-away places and close-to-home meditations that encompass a career built on countless shows in Texas clubs, thousands of miles on the road with his partner in life and music, Chris Carroll, accolades of all kinds, and still the burning desire to simply...write the next song.

Thank goodness for that, because Carroll’s songs tap into a vein of the human condition that make them deeply moving but often humorous. As No Depression notes, “Carroll slips easily between observed detail and poetic flight, framing everyday images as literary moments. He’s particularly adept at portraiture, whether it’s a colorful hustler, a rural taxi driver or a karaoke singer, he sees what you might feel, but couldn’t verbalize, capturing a person’s essence in the details of their physical being and actions.”

With tours crisscrossing the USA, Canada and Europe, Carroll is currently focusing on performances as a duo with Chris Carroll, Canadian singer-songwriter and Texas transplant. Their distinct energies and personalities play off each other onstage, and the effect is a both moving and entertaining show that delights crowds from coast to coast.<br>
Genres: alternative country, new americana, outlaw country, red dirt, roots americana, roots rock, texas country

Guitar Chords:

Amandas Song
Black Flag Blues
Blondie And Dagwood
Bubble Gum Or Bad Karma
Caine River Blues
Errols Song
Gulf Coast Losers
Highway Prayer
Home Again
Hunters Song
Karaoke Cowboy
Mr Snowcone Man
Oklahoma Gypsy Shuffler
Ol Milwaukees Best
Pokin Around In The Ashes
Race Car Joe
Red Bandana Blues
Rice Birds
Rosemarys Song
Silver Lakeside
Smoky Mountain Taxi
South Of Town
The Dirty South
The Girl With The Dirty Hair