Adalita - Blue Sky Guitar Chords


australian indie

Chords: Am, C, Fmaj7, G, E, F
'Blue Sky' by Adalita. Capo second. Adalita plays it in drop d but it's not much different in standard. 
All chords relative to capo.



Am  C  Fmaj7 


Am          C                         Fmaj7
You got the best of me that's for sure

Am          C                      Fmaj7
And I don't even get my sorry no no 

Gonna run like a dream

And split from the team

    Am                    C                       F*
And tell everybody what a motherfucker you've been

Am              C               Fmaj7
I'm never gonna give myself away

Am                C                        Fmaj7
Cause I turn more animal turn more everyday

Gonna run like a fawn 
And swim like a swan

    Am                  C                    F*
And be there to ask you whose side are you on 

        C     Am    F*
Under a blue, blue, blue sky (x3)

Then on the fourth time:
        G           Am   F*
Under a blue, blue, blue sky

The middle 8/bridge thing is just:

E Am F

Then verse chords for the solo

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