Active01 - Im Coming For You Guitar Chords

Chords: F#, G#, E
Song  :I'm coming for you
Album :"Illusions"

A great song, by a great artist!!
(Haven't figured out tabs for the solo in the
 instrumental bridge yet, but I'm working on it!!!)

Intro:G#-E(barre')-F# (played two times), also played in verse.

He left their place with the same confession,
knowing he'd done it again.
He found himself drunk on a sidewalk,
left alone    with the rain.

The gutter saves him, all the time,
makes him start to think.
'Bout how life would be without his woman,
how low he'd had to sink.

Chorus(1):H-E(barre'), then goes over to G# and verse again.
And says:I'm coming for you,
I'm coming for you, I'm coming for you,
pleeding you will take me back.

Verse:(note the end of the verse, where the chords are "thigher")
All theese minor interuptions,
just waiting for him to be mislead.
Over and over, he falls for 'em
though he knows they bring him
E            F#
nothing but dead!

And says: I'm coming for you,
I'm coming for you,(dreaming..)
I'm coming for you,
dreaming you'll take me back.

Bridge:(is a bit tricky....,but I'm working on the solo..)
C#m-H, is played four times and ,as the chorus, it goes
into G# again for the final verse.

Well he gets her(of course),
like those guys allways do (allways do..),
they end up, wrapt in grace,
     G#         E      F#
like we should me and you!

Repeat chorus(nr.2),
Outro:C#m-G#, four times.
ends on G#

Any comments, sugestions, feel free to drop me a line
or six..
adams_angel, Norway

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