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Action Design


The Action Design, a California (San Francisco, to be exact) punk-pop band, came together when Tsunami Bomb fell apart, leaving vocalist Emily Whitehurst and Matt McKenzie to reassess their options. Opting for starting a whole new project, the Action Design was born and the pair roped in a drummer to begin rehearsals. A switch behind the drum kit -- seeing original drummer Brett Friesen leave in place of Rum Diary skinsman Jake Krohn, and the addition of Pipedown guitarist Jaycen McKissick, led to a more stable lineup, and the Action Design began work on what would become their lead-off EP, the limited release -- a mere 1,000 copies -- Action Design. The buzz begat by the EP led to a spot on the 2007 Vans Warped Tour, which helped the band towards their goal of another release. That new record, the Into a Sound EP, was released in September of 2007. The fall and winter of the remainder of that year were spent on the road, as the Action Design undertook their first nationwide tour. Upon returning the band moved into the studio to begin work on their debut full-length album. ~ Chris True, Rovi

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Landmines Acoustic