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Teutonic metallers ACCEPT could already claim big worldwide success with »Blood Of The Na2ons« and »Stalingrad«, but with »Blind Rage«, they reached the pinnacle of their career in the form of the pole posi=on, a #1 album. Besides #1 in Germany, ACCEPT also hit #1 in Finland as well as several top 10 posi=ons; Czech Republic, Hungary, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK and last but not least the US. AMer releasing a string of metal classics in the 80s such as »Breaker« (1981), »Balls To The Wall« (1983) and »Metal Heart« (1985), which made them iconic, the band with Wolf Hoffmann and Peter Baltes s=ll haven’t peaked, especially if you glance across their touring schedule; ACCEPT have headlined Woodstock Fes2val Poland, Wacken Open Air, Czech Masters Of Rock Fes2val and Bang Your Head!!! Fes2val, Germany - amongst countless other performances over the last few years. Their Bang Your Head!!! performance was also filmed and released in the form of a live DVD/Blu-ray+2CD package =tled »Restless And Live« (2017), reminiscent of their classic »Restless And
Wild« (1982). With this DVD in the fans’ hands, ACCEPT could cement their previous success from »Blind Rage« by hi_ng #1 in the Swedish and German DVD charts amongst others.
But that’s enough nostalgia - back to the present, back to 2017! AMer the aforemen=oned DVD’s unleashing and an almost 3-month European tour, ACCEPT speed around the corner with their new album »The Rise Of Chaos« which will cement their status as genre leaders once again. Guitarist Wolf Hoffmann comments on the album =tle, “»The Rise Of Chaos« is something I have been thinking about oAen. It describes a condiFon which is slowly spreading around the world. With the stage setup on our latest European tour, we wanted to portray rather dystopian and destroyed scenery. If you now take a look at our new cover, it’s the same imagery. This Fme however you can also spot the invisible destrucFon that we feel more and more in these Fmes, as well as the visible destrucFon.”
ACCEPT con=nue along the path they started with their three previous records, which is why the band has recorded their 4th studio album since 2010 once again with Andy Sneap. The excep=onally detailed artwork was created by Gyula Havancsák. “Previously our cover
Line up:
Wolf Hoffmann | guitars Peter Baltes | bass
Mark Tornillo | vocals
Uwe Lulis | guitars Christopher Williams | drums
ACCEPT online:

artworks had been really simple and focussed on one message. But this Fme, we wanted to make it more interesFng by using an atmospheric picture where you can find a lot of hidden details, but also with a clear and thoughSul statement present,” adds Wolf.
The band delivers more than just a musical statement with »The Rise Of Chaos«, in this case it’s a clear announcement (!) - with the straight forward opening track 'Die By The Sword': Galloping drums, lightning guitars and ACCEPT’s trademark choir instantly silence any doubt as to whether they’re s=ll the top dog when it comes to top-notch Teutonic metal. Second track 'Hole In The Head' leaves no =me to breathe, before the =tle track kick-starts and tries to pummel its way through the listener’s ear canal. This song may evoke a sense of familiarity within listeners, because it was previously released with an impressive music video. AMer consuming the upcoming 'Koolaid' shake, 'No Regrets' keeps heads banging with its speedy guitar solos, which concludes the 1st half of the record. 'Analog Man' rings in the 2nd part, telling the story of the world increasing digi=sa=on: Its haun=ng (pre) chorus should undoubtedly confirm its place in forthcoming ACCEPT set lists. Track number 8, 'Worlds Colliding', marks the album’s most thoughnul song, swiMly followed by the fastest banger of »The Rise Of Chaos«, 'Carry The Weight'. AMer 45 minutes, the closer, 'Race To Ex2nc2on', lets the record fade out fi_ngly.
The songs from »The Rise Of Chaos« will be performed for the very first =me at Wacken Open Air 2017’s »Night To Remember«. Besides new ACCEPT tracks, Wolf Hoffmann will also bring his latest solo album =tled »Headbangers Symphony« (2016), which showcases famous pieces by classical composers such as Beethoven, Vivaldi and Mozart (specially arranged for the metal world) on the stage for the first =me ever; he will be supported by the Czech Na2onal Symphony Orchestra. The last and concluding third part of this once in a life=me evening will be fulfilled with a classic ACCEPT set alongside the orchestra.
Wolf Hoffmann states, “It’s always impressive to see how bands take this evening seriously and how much love the arFsts and the organising team put into their work to get a varied result. It’s a great tradiFon which underlines and documents the top-notch level of the internaFonal rock community like nothing else. We also want to present something that ACCEPT has never done before, we hope we can give something really special to the fans.”
“ACCEPT have been and are sFll a very important part of Germany’s heavy metal scene. We’re really looking forward to having them with us once more. With this epic concept, the Thursday evening will be one to remember for sure,” closes Thomas Jensen, organiser of Wacken Open Air.
Genres: album rock, german metal, glam metal, hard rock, metal, power metal, progressive metal, rock, speed metal, thrash metal

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Breaking Up Again
Cant Stand The Night
Kill The Pain
Wanna Be Free
Winter Dreams