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About a Mile


Mixing praise & worship themes with '90s guitar rock, and borrowing a few tricks from 21st century urban pop, About a Mile is a Christian rock band perfectly capable of bringing its musical ministry onto secular playlists without creating the blink of an eye. Formed in Pennsylvania by brothers Adam Klutinoty (guitar and vocals), Levi Klutinoty (drums), and Luke Klutinoty (bass), the band (so named because it was said that Jesus carried his cross "about a mile") caught the attention of Dove Award-winning producer and songwriter Ian Eskelin, who took the brothers into a studio, along with producer Howard Benson, to record a radio-ready self-titled debut album in 2014, led by the single "Satisfied." ~ Steve Leggett

Guitar Chords:

Taking Back
Who You Say You Are
Who You Say You Are (ver. 2)