Abner Jay - Im So Depressed Guitar Chords

Abner Jay

garage punk blues, outsider, traditional folk

Chords: G, D, Em, C

This version is Abner's one-man-band version, found on countless modern 
repackagings of his work. It's not the full band version the circulates as "Depression."

Note that throughout the entire song, Abner used arpeggiated chords. I'll leave it 
up to you whether you want to play it that way or otherwise.

G       D      G      Em

Verse 1:
      G                Em           
I was born during the hard depression
G          Em
day, oh my Lord
    G              Em          
In July, in South Georgia
           G                Em
where the sun was hot as a blaze
    G             Em           
My folk was sharecroppers,
        G         Em
At the end of the year
        G               Em             
We had nothing, we had nothing
        G                Em
we had nothing, but grasshoppers

    D                  C               
Looking back, over my life
    G              Em
Oh Lord, I'm so depressed
            G                  Em
Help me somebody, I need some rest
   G               Em
Oh Lord, I'm so depressed

Verse-Chorus Mix:
      G            Em
Every boy needs a girl
      G            Em
every girl needs a boy
      C               D
I'm a boy so full of love
       G                 Em
I have no one to hold my hand
        G                Em
Tell me how long must I wander
        G                Em
Tell me how long must I cry

Verse 2:
Will there be someone, someone to wipe,
Dry the tear from my eye, come on baby, rub my head,
Rub my head while I lay down in my bed,
Kiss me, kiss me baby,
'Til I feel alright, 'til I feel alright

Oh, looking back over my life,
Oh Lord, I'm so depressed,
Help me somebody, I need some rest

[Slower, with tremolo effect rising]
Oh Lord, I'm so depressed...

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