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With their danceable indie pop styling that remained heartfelt at the same time, the three-piece of Aberdeen brought on their warm, minimal innocence to their native of North Hollywood, CA. With the lineup consisting of John (guitar/drum programming), Jenni (guitar/keyboard/vocals), and Beth (vocals/bass) providing a lyrical bliss of rainy days, Sarah Records first captured Aberdeen's sound on the 1994 single Byron. But following the 1995 release of their second EP Snapdragon, the trio called it quits with Beth eventually moving on to form Casino Ashtrays. As time went by, Beth and John came back together and started recording in the spring of 2002 with former Mighty Lemon Drop David Newton, resulting in the full length Homesick and Happy to Be Here. Singles The Boy Has Gone Away and Florida followed several years later. ~ Mike DaRonco, Rovi
Genres: c86, twee pop

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