ABBA - The King Has Lost His Crown Guitar Chords


europop, swedish pop

Song versions: 1 2 3
Chords: Am9, D9, D, G, C, Eaug, Am, Em, Cmaj7, B7sus4, E7, Dsus4, G, Cm, E
Intro chords: Am9 x02413 or 657555      D9 xxx021 or xx5455
D     G    C  G  Eaug x02110    (Am)   (Em)    (D)

VERSE 1:(D)I believe(G) your (Cmaj7)new girl turned you down(G)
(Cmaj7)  (D)   And they say(G) she's (Cmaj7)pushin' you around(G)
How does it (D)feel, I guess it hurts(D9) your pride(G)
Tell me my (D)friend how many nights(C) you've cried(B7sus4)

CHORUS:(E7)Disaster and disgrace(Am)
The king has lost his crown
He's (C)clumsy (Cm)like A clown(G)Ahhhh(Eaug) haaaa(E)(Am)
The world is upside down
The king has lost his crown  (Em)

VERSE 2:Was it hard to step down from your throne
And to know tonight you're all alone
Oh what a shame, you really want that girl
She doesn't care, still you just dream of her


Cmaj7: x032000
Dsus4: xx0233

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