ABBA - Our Last Summer Guitar Chords


europop, swedish pop

Song versions: 1 2
Chords: C, Am7, F, Dm, G, D, Dsus, G7, F6, Gsus4
C           C                Am7                C                 F
the summer air was soft and warm, the feeling right, the Paris night 
C                  Dm
Did it's best to please us.
G              D         Dsus   D
And strolling down the Elysee
G           G             C
We had a drink in each cafe
G7   C
And you,
C                 Am7          C        F
You talked of politics, philosophy, and I
C                 F6   G
smiled like Mona Lisa 
We had our chance,
                              Gsus4  G
It was a fine and true romance.

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