aaron traffas - 200 Miles Away Guitar Chords

Chords: C, F, G, Dm
Aaron Traffas - 200 Miles Away

CAPO: 2nd Fret

INTRO: C   F    C    F 
 I hear the coyotes calling 
 F                G 
 Their melancholy pierces the night 
 I feel those wheat fields waving 
 F                         G 
 Calling me with their collective spite 
 I know tomorrow morning 
 C                  F 
 Fate will dictate my part 
 But I never believed in fate 
 Because I know the coyote’s heart 

 C                 F 
 You’re 200 miles away 
 On the other side of the state 
 And I’m going round and round in a wheat field 
 Trying to beat the rain 
 C                                  F 
 The sun goes down, it won’t matter much 
 We’ll keep on cutting ‘till the straw gets tough 
 I’ll be free when we get through 
 I'll head back to town and back to you 

 Outside the chaff is blowing 
 Inside my muscles ache 
 Outside the sun is setting 
 In it I see your face 
 I’ll be damned if I leave 
 Before the harvest moon assumes a crescent shape 
 I’d hit the road with the hammer down 
 If only I could these fetters break 
 I see the storm clouds rolling 
 Oklahoma's gift, the rain 
 I see the weather, unlike you
 Never minded the grain 
 The squall line across the field moves 
 Just like your life crossed mine 
 As I roll the tarp I think 
 I should have been done in time

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