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Aaron Thompson


2018 - Top Undiscovered Songwriter in Canada - Canadian Songwriting Competition
"listeners will be left in awe by his talent with a Canadiana approach and stellar vocals" - The Revue.ca
"A strong pop song with powerful lyrics" (Middle of My Own Nowhere) - POPMUZIK.se

I have a story, everyone’s got one. Some people may think I’m too old to be chasing this dream, but I don’t care what they say. See, in my twenties when I should’ve been honing my craft as a musician, I was pissing away my youth on drugs and alcohol; living like a rock star before I had written my first song. Now I’m a husband and a father and without my family I’d probably be dead. I definitely wouldn’t have written all these songs about love, pain and redemption. In 2016, at the age of 34, I released an EP called REBORN. It was about my experience with addictions, the pain and strain that it placed on my marriage, a friend that at 24 was facing a life threatening disease, and the road back to love with my wife. Now I give you DARK, 7 songs with a poppified edge. These songs are the reflections from my narrative. Artists, however, have an ability to create something personal and make it relatable. I want you to connect with these songs so we can share a journey, but it is my sincerest hope that you will fill the lyrics with your own experiences or stories. That the songs will conjure images of something you’ve gone through so we can go through it together. Thank you for listening.

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Blessed One