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Aaron Lewis


At the heart of Staind's loud, angst-laden music are the confessional lyrics and introspective personality of frontman Aaron Lewis. While other post-grunge bands were successful in mining the dark caverns once explored by Soundgarden and Alice in Chains, Lewis allowed his sensitivity to pour freely from his words and often pensive vocals, enabling Staind to strike a balance between heavy metal bombast and thoughtful, melodic rock. Born in Springfield, Vermont, Lewis listened to folk music as a child. The son of divorced parents, he chronicled the emotional turmoil in his childhood with Staind, namely on tracks like "Epiphany" and "For You," from Break the Cycle. Like the late Kurt Cobain from Nirvana, Lewis cast an unpretentious, no-frills image, exhibiting a brooding disposition and emotional vulnerability that troubled youths could relate to.

Lewis recorded his first album with Staind, Tormented, in 1996. Staind remained on the fringes of mainstream acceptance until "Outside," a live collaboration between Lewis and Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst during the 1999 Family Values Tour, blew up on alternative and mainstream rock stations a year later. With only his acoustic guitar as his musical backing, Lewis delivered a raw, anguished performance of a song that Staind would later record in the studio for Break the Cycle. The track carved the path for Staind's subsequent commercial breakthrough.

Staind sustained a decade of popularity before Lewis broke free with a solo career in 2011, refashioning himself as a conservative country singer on his 2011 EP, Town Line. He had some success with the album but before he could capitalize on his country career, he reunited with Staind for an eponymous album in 2011. In 2012, he prepped his full-length country debut, The Road, which appeared toward the end of the year. Thanks to the minor hits "Endless Summer," "Country Boy," and "Forever," the album went to seven on Billboard's country chart, and he followed it with another country album, Sinner, in the fall of 2016. ~ Michael Sutton, Rovi
Genres: alternative metal, contemporary country, country, country road, modern country rock, post-grunge, redneck

Guitar Chords:

75 (ver. 2)
75 (ver. 3)
All I Want
Anywhere But Here
Anywhere But Here (ver. 2)
Country Boy
Country Boy (ver. 2)
Country Boy (ver. 3)
Country Boy (ver. 4)
Country Boy (ver. 5)
Endless Summer
Endless Summer (ver. 2)
Fade Acoustic
Fill Me Up
Folded Flag
Grandaddys Gun
Grandaddys Gun (ver. 2)
Grandaddys Gun (ver. 3)
Granddaddys Gun
Granddaddys Gun (ver. 2)
Granddaddys Gun (ver. 3)
Granddaddys Gun (ver. 4)
Granddaddys Gun (ver. 5)
I Lost It All
Lessons Learned
Lost And Lonely
Lost And Lonely (ver. 2)
Lost It All
Mama (ver. 2)
Massachusetts (ver. 2)
Northern Redneck
Outside (ver. 2)
Party In Hell
Party In Hell (ver. 2)
Party In Hell (ver. 3)
Patience Cover
Please Live Acoustic
Redneck Crazy Revisited
Red White And Blue
State Lines
State Lines (ver. 2)
Stuck In These Shoes
Stuck In These Shoes (ver. 2)
Stuck In These Shoes (ver. 3)
Sunday Every Saturday Night
That Aint Country
That Aint Country (ver. 2)
The Corner
The Road
The Road (ver. 2)
The Story Never Ends
The Story Never Ends (ver. 2)
The Truth
Turn The Page
Turn The Page (ver. 2)
Vicious Circles
Vicious Circles (ver. 2)
Vicious Circles (ver. 3)
Vicious Circles (ver. 4)
What Hurts The Most
What Hurts The Most (ver. 2)
Who Are You When Im Not Looking