A Rocket to the Moon Guitar Chords

A Rocket to the Moon


Rooted in the tradition of late-'90s alternative rock and the pop-influenced sounds of emocore, A Rocket to the Moon were formed in 2006 in Braintree, Massachusetts. Essentially the brainchild of Nick Santino, the group started off as a solo project, with Santino handling all the instruments himself and functioning as a one-man band for two years. After releasing a pair of independent records, Santino signed with Fueled by Ramen and began touring with the label's roster of emo-pop bands; he also pieced together a proper lineup to help play the material in a concert setting. As a result, Rocket to the Moon morphed into a full-fledged group with multiple members, and the group made its official debut with On Your Side, which was released in October 2009. Four of the album's songs were later re-recorded in different arrangements for the Rainy Day Sessions EP, which featured the female country duo Larkin Poe on each track. In 2013, A Rocket to the Moon returned with the country-tinged Wild & Free. ~ Chris True, Rovi
Genres: alternative pop rock, emo, neo mellow, pixie, pop emo, pop punk

Guitar Chords:

Another Set Of Wings
Baby Blue Eyes
Baby Blue Eyes (ver. 2)
Baby Blue Eyes (ver. 3)
Baby Blue Eyes (ver. 4)
Baby Blue Eyes (ver. 5)
Baby Blue Eyes (ver. 6)
Baby Blue Eyes (ver. 7)
Baby Blue Eyes (ver. 8)
Baby Blue Eyes (ver. 9)
Baby Blue Eyes (ver. 10)
Baby Were Invincible
Baby Were Invincible (ver. 2)
Baby Were Invincible (ver. 3)
Call It All Home
Dakota (ver. 2)
Dakota (ver. 3)
Dakota (ver. 4)
Dakota (ver. 5)
Ever Enough
Ever Enough (ver. 2)
Ever Enough (ver. 3)
Fear Of Flying
Fear Of Flying (ver. 2)
Fear Of Flying (ver. 3)
Fear Of Flying (ver. 4)
First Kiss
First Kiss (ver. 2)
First Kiss (ver. 3)
Forever And Always
Forever And Always (ver. 2)
Give A Damn
Give A Damn (ver. 2)
Going Out
I Believe In Us This Holiday
I Believe In Us This Holiday (ver. 2)
I Do
If Im Gonna Fall In Love
If Im Gonna Fall In Love (ver. 2)
If Only They Knew
Im Not Saying Goodbye
Just Another One
Life Of The Party
Life Of The Party (ver. 2)
Life Of The Party (ver. 3)
Like We Used To
Like We Used To (ver. 2)
Like We Used To (ver. 3)
Like We Used To (ver. 4)
Like We Used To (ver. 5)
Lost And Found
Mistakes I Havent Made
Mr Right
Mr Right (ver. 2)
Mr Right (ver. 3)
Mr Right (ver. 4)
Mr Right (ver. 5)
No One Will Ever Get Hurt
Not A Second To Waste
Not A Second To Waste (ver. 2)
Not A Second To Waste (ver. 3)
Not A Second To Waste (ver. 4)
Nothing At All
Oh Dakota
On A Lonely Night
Shes Killing Me
Shes Killing Me (ver. 2)
Shes Killing Me (ver. 3)
Shes Killing Me (ver. 4)
Somebody Out There
Somebody Out There (ver. 2)
Somebody Out There (ver. 3)
Somebody Out There (ver. 4)
When Im Gone
When Im Gone (ver. 2)
When Im Gone (ver. 3)
Wherever You Go
Wherever You Go (ver. 2)
Wherever You Go (ver. 3)
While The World Let Go
Whole Lotta You
Whole Lotta You (ver. 2)
Wild Free
Your My Song