A Paper Cup Band - Never Shake A Baby Guitar Chords

Chords: E, C#m, G#m, B, A
Never shsake a baby A Paper Cup Band
First Tab, sorry if not accurate
Also wrote the lyrics based on listening to it so those might be wrong too
Listen to the song on youtube to get the strumming pattern

E    C#m   G#m     E  G#m  B E

Verse 1:
E               C#m  E
Your feather duster is broke
I’d think you’d write me an essay
E                           C#m                       B            
About how you feel when you sing about the presence of rain
B                                    E
It dissipates through the air

Verse 2 (Same as first):
You fold your hands at the tips
There’s nervousness in your breathing
Your symmetry is alive with a pull inside that forgives all but your will
C#m               B            E
You’ll never ever, ever have to cry
C#m                 B               A
No you’ll never ever, ever have to cry

Chorus: same as intro


Verse 3:
They sing for sake of the song
Their bodies huddled like lions
And then they altered the beat just by tapping their feet 
It’s the secrets that last

Verse 4: 
They cross the coast and go back
Directed by pure invision
Not deterred by the beast 
Tempted to say the least
It’s the facts that pressed
You’ll never ever, ever have to cry
No you’ll never ever, ever have to cry

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