A Lone Boat Guitar Chords

A Lone Boat


A Lone Boat is the stage name of Danish singer/songwriter Alexander Glerup. He has been writing and performing since early teenage years and been performing regularly at small venues and festivals around Denmark. In 2017 he released his first album, "The Beautiful and the Unbeautiful: Though I Die at the Bottom, I Live in the Fall" and in the following autumn he announced that he is ready to start recording the second one. When he's not writing music, he is also an avid poet and spoken word performer.

Guitar Chords:

Frail Little Man
Masochistic Opium Addict In The Fetal Position
The Bar Of Lonely Souls Ziggy Or One Last Hurrah For The Spaceman
The Beautiful And The Unbeautiful Overture
The Nympho And The Lover
The Time Of Reckoning