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A Hero A Fake


Hello! I was going to post our “professional” bio from Victory Records or maybe from our Wikipedia — but that’s dumb. You deserve better. How about one I hastily throw together in a couple minutes before I hit the bar? Deal.

AHAF got its start in 2005 (!!!) when Justin (vocals), Eric (guitar), and Lenin (guitar) aka Alex [name change, don’t ask..] got together in high school to start a band. At the time we were into bands like Thrice, Underoath, Misery Signals, and local legends like Hopesfall, Secret Lives Of The Freemasons, and Between The Buried And Me. It looked fun, and we wanted to try to make our mark.

After a couple years of local shows and demos, we settled on a stable lineup that would eventually appear on our first two Victory Records releases: Volatile and Let Oceans Lie. Finally having a comfortable lineup, we decided to save up for a real recording.

In late 2007 we went to Jamie King’s (BTBAM, The Contortionist, Beloved (U.S. Artist)) infamous The Basement studios for 1 week to record 11 songs. A few months after that recording I got a call from Tony Brummel while at work who was interested in signing us. Justin and I were heading into our senior years at UNC (Go Heels!) and luckily were able to work out a plan to release the album while in school before going full time with touring the summer of 2009.

Shit, just ran out of space. Go to our wiki for more. Or email me at ericreedmorgan@gmail.com.

Guitar Chords: